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Space-like Weingarten surfaces in the three-dimensional Minkowski space and their natural partial differential equations

Georgi GanchevVesselka Mihova — 2013

Open Mathematics

On any space-like Weingarten surface in the three-dimensional Minkowski space we introduce locally natural principal parameters and prove that such a surface is determined uniquely up to motion by a special invariant function, which satisfies a natural non-linear partial differential equation. This result can be interpreted as a solution to the Lund-Regge reduction problem for space-like Weingarten surfaces in Minkowski space. We apply this theory to linear fractional space-like Weingarten surfaces...

Kähler manifolds of quasi-constant holomorphic sectional curvatures

Georgi GanchevVesselka Mihova — 2008

Open Mathematics

The Kähler manifolds of quasi-constant holomorphic sectional curvatures are introduced as Kähler manifolds with complex distribution of codimension two, whose holomorphic sectional curvature only depends on the corresponding point and the geometric angle, associated with the section. A curvature identity characterizing such manifolds is found. The biconformal group of transformations whose elements transform Kähler metrics into Kähler ones is introduced and biconformal tensor invariants are obtained....

Invariants and Bonnet-type theorem for surfaces in ℝ4

Georgi GanchevVelichka Milousheva — 2010

Open Mathematics

In the tangent plane at any point of a surface in the four-dimensional Euclidean space we consider an invariant linear map ofWeingarten-type and find a geometrically determined moving frame field. Writing derivative formulas of Frenet-type for this frame field, we obtain eight invariant functions. We prove a fundamental theorem of Bonnet-type, stating that these eight invariants under some natural conditions determine the surface up to a motion. We show that the basic geometric classes of surfaces...

Quasi-minimal rotational surfaces in pseudo-Euclidean four-dimensional space

Georgi GanchevVelichka Milousheva — 2014

Open Mathematics

In the four-dimensional pseudo-Euclidean space with neutral metric there are three types of rotational surfaces with two-dimensional axis - rotational surfaces of elliptic, hyperbolic or parabolic type. A surface whose mean curvature vector field is lightlike is said to be quasi-minimal. In this paper we classify all rotational quasi-minimal surfaces of elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic type, respectively.

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