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Representations, duals and quantum doubles of monoidal categories

Majid, Shahn — 1991

Proceedings of the Winter School "Geometry and Physics"

[For the entire collection see Zbl 0742.00067.]The Tanaka-Krein type equivalence between Hopf algebras and functored monoidal categories provides the heuristic strategy of this paper. The author introduces the notion of a double cross product of monoidal categories as a generalization of double cross product of Hopf algebras, and explains some of the motivation from physics (the representation theory for double quantum groups).The Hopf algebra constructions are formulated in terms of monoidal categories...

Some remarks on quantum and braided group gauge theory

Shahn Majid — 1997

Banach Center Publications

We clarify some aspects of quantum group gauge theory and its recent generalisations (by T. Brzeziński and the author) to braided group gauge theory and coalgebra gauge theory. We outline the diagrammatic version of the braided case. The bosonisation of any braided group provides us a trivial principal bundle in three ways.

Bicrossproduct Hopf quasigroups

Jennifer KlimShahn Majid — 2010

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We recall the notion of Hopf quasigroups introduced previously by the authors. We construct a bicrossproduct Hopf quasigroup k M k ( G ) from every group X with a finite subgroup G X and IP quasigroup transversal M X subject to certain conditions. We identify the octonions quasigroup G 𝕆 as transversal in an order 128 group X with subgroup 2 3 and hence obtain a Hopf quasigroup k G 𝕆 > k ( 2 3 ) as a particular case of our construction.

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