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Fibrations of compact Kähler manifolds in terms of cohomological properties of their fundamental groups

Ngaiming Mok — 2000

Annales de l'institut Fourier

We prove fibration theorems on compact Kähler manifolds with conditions on first cohomology groups of fundamental groups with respect to unitary representations into Hilbert spaces. If the fundamental group T of compact Kähler manifold X violates Property (T) of Kazhdan’s, then H 1 ( G a m m a , Φ ) 0 for some unitary representation Φ . By our earlier work there exists a d -closed holomorphic 1-form with coefficients twisted by some unitary representation Φ ' , possibly non-isomorphic to Φ . Taking norms we obtains a positive...

Extension of germs of holomorphic isometries up to normalizing constants with respect to the Bergman metric

Ngaiming Mok — 2012

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We study the extension problem for germs of holomorphic isometries f : ( D ; x 0 ) ( Ω ; f ( x 0 ) ) up to normalizing constants between bounded domains in Euclidean spaces equipped with Bergman metrics d s D 2 on D and d s Ω 2 on Ω . Our main focus is on boundary extension for pairs of bounded domains ( D , Ω ) such that the Bergman kernel K D ( z , w ) extends meromorphically in ( z , w ¯ ) to a neighborhood of D ¯ × D , and such that the analogous statement holds true for the Bergman kernel K Ω ( ς , ξ ) on Ω . Assuming that ( D ; d s D 2 ) and ( Ω ; d s Ω 2 ) are complete Kähler manifolds, we prove that the germ...

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