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Geometry of arithmetically Gorenstein curves in P.

Robin Hartshorne — 2004

Collectanea Mathematica

We characterize the postulation character of arithmetically Gorenstein curves in P. We give conditions under which the curve can be realized in the form mH - K on some ACM surface. Finally, we complement a theorem by Watanabe by showing that any general arithmetically Gorenstein curve in P with arbitrary fixed postulation character can be obtained from a line by a series of ascending complete-intersection biliaisons.

Some examples of Gorenstein liaison in codimension three.

Robin Hartshorne — 2002

Collectanea Mathematica

Gorenstein liaison seems to be the natural notion to generalize to higher codimension the well-known results about liaison of varieties of codimension 2 in projective space. In this paper we study points in P3 and curves in P4 in an attempt to see how far typical codimension 2 results will extend. While the results are satisfactory for small degree, we find in each case examples where we cannot decide the outcome. This examples are candidates for counterexamples to the hoped-for extensions of codimension...

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