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Nonnegative definite hermitian matrices with increasing principal minors

Shmuel Friedland — 2013

Special Matrices

A nonnegative definite hermitian m × m matrix A≠0 has increasing principal minors if det A[I] ≤ det A[J] for I⊂J, where det A[I] is the principal minor of A based on rows and columns in the set I ⊆ {1,...,m}. For m > 1 we show A has increasing principal minors if and only if A−1 exists and its diagonal entries are less or equal to 1.

The Collatz-Wielandt quotient for pairs of nonnegative operators

Shmuel Friedland — 2020

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper we consider two versions of the Collatz-Wielandt quotient for a pair of nonnegative operators A , B that map a given pointed generating cone in the first space into a given pointed generating cone in the second space. If the two spaces and two cones are identical, and B is the identity operator, then one version of this quotient is the spectral radius of A . In some applications, as commodity pricing, power control in wireless networks and quantum information theory, one needs to deal with...

Generalized interval exchanges and the 2–3 conjecture

Shmuel FriedlandBenjamin Weiss — 2005

Open Mathematics

We introduce the notion of a generalized interval exchange φ 𝒜 induced by a measurable k-partition 𝒜 = A 1 , . . . , A k of [0,1). φ 𝒜 can be viewed as the corresponding restriction of a nondecreasing function f 𝒜 on ℝ with f 𝒜 ( 0 ) = 0 , f 𝒜 ( k ) = 1 . A is called λ-dense if λ(A i∩(a, b))>0 for each i and any 0≤ a< b≤1. We show that the 2–3 Furstenberg conjecture is invalid if and only if there are 2 and 3 λ-dense partitions A and B of [0,1), such that f 𝒜 f = f f 𝒜 . We give necessary and sufficient conditions for this equality to hold. We show that...

Some approximation problems in semi-algebraic geometry

Shmuel FriedlandMałgorzata Stawiska — 2015

Banach Center Publications

In this paper we deal with a best approximation of a vector with respect to a closed semi-algebraic set C in the space ℝⁿ endowed with a semi-algebraic norm ν. Under additional assumptions on ν we prove semi-algebraicity of the set of points of unique approximation and other sets associated with the distance to C. For C irreducible algebraic we study the critical point correspondence and introduce the ν-distance degree, generalizing the notion developed by other authors for the Euclidean norm. We...

A simple spectral algorithm for recovering planted partitions

Sam ColeShmuel FriedlandLev Reyzin — 2017

Special Matrices

In this paper, we consider the planted partition model, in which n = ks vertices of a random graph are partitioned into k “clusters,” each of size s. Edges between vertices in the same cluster and different clusters are included with constant probability p and q, respectively (where 0 ≤ q < p ≤ 1). We give an efficient algorithm that, with high probability, recovers the clusters as long as the cluster sizes are are least (√n). Informally, our algorithm constructs the projection operator onto...

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