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Nil, nilpotent and PI-algebras

Vladimír Müller — 1994

Banach Center Publications

The notions of nil, nilpotent or PI-rings (= rings satisfying a polynomial identity) play an important role in ring theory (see e.g. [8], [11], [20]). Banach algebras with these properties have been studied considerably less and the existing results are scattered in the literature. The only exception is the work of Krupnik [13], where the Gelfand theory of Banach PI-algebras is presented. However, even this work has not get so much attention as it deserves. The present paper...

Axiomatic theory of spectrum III: semiregularities

Vladimír Müller — 2000

Studia Mathematica

We introduce and study the notions of upper and lower semiregularities in Banach algebras. These notions generalize the previously studied notion of regularity - a class is a regularity if and only if it is both upper and lower semiregularity. Each semiregularity defines in a natural way a spectrum which satisfies a one-way spectral mapping property (the spectrum defined by a regularity satisfies the both-ways spectral mapping property).

The joint essential numerical range, compact perturbations, and the Olsen problem

Vladimír Müller — 2010

Studia Mathematica

Let T₁,...,Tₙ be bounded linear operators on a complex Hilbert space H. Then there are compact operators K₁,...,Kₙ ∈ B(H) such that the closure of the joint numerical range of the n-tuple (T₁-K₁,...,Tₙ-Kₙ) equals the joint essential numerical range of (T₁,...,Tₙ). This generalizes the corresponding result for n = 1. We also show that if S ∈ B(H) and n ∈ ℕ then there exists a compact operator K ∈ B(H) such that | | ( S - K ) | | = | | S | | e . This generalizes results of C. L. Olsen.

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