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Supersolutions and stabilization of the solutions of the equation∂u/∂t - div(|∇p| ∇u) = h(x,u), Part II.

Abderrahmane El HachimiFrançois De Thélin — 1991

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper we consider a nonlinear parabolic equation of the following type: (P)      ∂u/∂t - div(|∇p|p-2 ∇u) = h(x,u) with Dirichlet boundary conditions and initial data in the case when 1 < p < 2. We construct supersolutions of (P), and by use of them, we prove that for tn → +∞, the solution of (P) converges to some solution of the elliptic equation associated with (P).

On the existence of multiple principal eigenvalues for some indefinite linear eigenvalue problems.

We study the existence of principal eigenvalues for differential operators of second order which are not necessarily in divergence form. We obtain results concerning multiplicity of principal eigenvalues in both the variational and the general case. Our approach uses systematically the Krein-Rutman theorem and fixed point arguments for the inverse of the spectral radius of some associated problems. We also use a variational characterization for both the self-adjoint and the general case.

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