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Construction methods for gaussoids

Tobias Boege, Thomas Kahle (2020)


The number of n -gaussoids is shown to be a double exponential function in n . The necessary bounds are achieved by studying construction methods for gaussoids that rely on prescribing 3 -minors and encoding the resulting combinatorial constraints in a suitable transitive graph. Various special classes of gaussoids arise from restricting the allowed 3 -minors.

Isonemality and mononemality of woven fabrics

Bohdan Zelinka (1983)

Aplikace matematiky

The paper studies the diagrams of woven fabrics consisting of white and black squares as geometrical objects and described their symmetries. The concepts of isonemality and mononemality due to B. Grünbaum and G. C. Shephard are used. A conjecture of these authors is proved in a particular case.

Location of polygon vertices on circles and its application in transport studies

Ján Černý, Filip Guldan (1987)

Aplikace matematiky

The paper deals with the problem how to locate a set of polygon vertices on given circles fulfilling some criteria of "regularity" of individual and composed polygons. Specifying the conditions we can obtain a lot of particular versions of this general problem. Some of them are already solved, the others are not. Applications of this theory can be found in scheduling of periodically repeating processes, e.g. in coordination of several urban lines on a common leg, in optimization of the rhythm of...

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