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A note on the pp conjecture for sheaves of spaces of orderings

Paweł Gładki (2016)

Communications in Mathematics

In this note we provide a direct and simple proof of a result previously obtained by Astier stating that the class of spaces of orderings for which the pp conjecture holds true is closed under sheaves over Boolean spaces.

Bilinear forms for SL(2,q), An and similar groups.

Alexandre Turull (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

The set of invariant symmetric bilinear forms on irreducible modules over fields of characteristic zero for certain groups is studied. Results are obtained under the presence in a finite group of elements of order four whose square is central. In particular, we find that the relevant modules for the groups mentioned in the title always accept an invariant symmetric bilinear form under which the module admits an orthonormal basis.

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