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A note on Bézout's theorem

Sławomir Rams, Piotr Tworzewski, Tadeusz Winiarski (2005)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We present a version of Bézout's theorem basing on the intersection theory in complex analytic geometry. Some applications for products of surfaces and curves are also given.

A procedure to compute prime filtration

Asia Rauf (2010)

Open Mathematics

Let K be a field, S = K[x 1, … x n] be a polynomial ring in n variables over K and I ⊂ S be an ideal. We give a procedure to compute a prime filtration of S/I. We proceed as in the classical case by constructing an ascending chain of ideals of S starting from I and ending at S. The procedure of this paper is developed and has been implemented in the computer algebra system Singular.

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