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A canonical directly infinite ring

Mario Petrich, Pedro V. Silva (2001)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let be the set of nonnegative integers and the ring of integers. Let be the ring of N × N matrices over generated by the following two matrices: one obtained from the identity matrix by shifting the ones one position to the right and the other one position down. This ring plays an important role in the study of directly finite rings. Calculation of invertible and idempotent elements of yields that the subrings generated by them coincide. This subring is the sum of the ideal consisting of...

A family of noetherian rings with their finite length modules under control

Markus Schmidmeier (2002)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We investigate the category mod Λ of finite length modules over the ring Λ = A k Σ , where Σ is a V-ring, i.e. a ring for which every simple module is injective, k a subfield of its centre and A an elementary k -algebra. Each simple module E j gives rise to a quasiprogenerator P j = A E j . By a result of K. Fuller, P j induces a category equivalence from which we deduce that mod Λ j b a d h b o x P j . As a consequence we can (1) construct for each elementary k -algebra A over a finite field k a nonartinian noetherian ring Λ such that mod A mod Λ , (2) find twisted...

Behavior of countably generated pure-projective modules.

Goro Azumaya (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

We first prove that every countably presented module is a pure epimorphic image of a countably generated pure-projective module, and by using this we prove that if every countably generated pure-projective module is pure-injective then every module is pure-injective, while if in any countably generated pure-projective module every countably generated pure-projective pure submodule is a direct summand then every module is pure-projective.

Countably thick modules

Ali Abdel-Mohsen, Mohammad Saleh (2005)

Archivum Mathematicum

The purpose of this paper is to further the study of countably thick modules via weak injectivity. Among others, for some classes of modules in σ [ M ] we study when direct sums of modules from satisfies a property in σ [ M ] . In particular, we get characterization of locally countably thick modules, a generalization of locally q.f.d. modules.

Finite generation in C*-algebras and Hilbert C*-modules

David P. Blecher, Tomasz Kania (2014)

Studia Mathematica

We characterize C*-algebras and C*-modules such that every maximal right ideal (resp. right submodule) is algebraically finitely generated. In particular, C*-algebras satisfy the Dales-Żelazko conjecture.

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