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Criteria for univalence, starlikeness and convexity

S. Ponnusamy, P. Vasundhra (2005)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Let 𝓐 denote the class of all normalized analytic functions f (f(0) = 0 = f'(0)-1) in the open unit disc Δ. For 0 < λ ≤ 1, define 𝓤(λ) = {f ∈ 𝓐 : |(z/f(z))²f'(z) - 1| < λ, z ∈ Δ} and 𝓟(2λ) = f ∈ 𝓐 : |(z/f(z))''| < 2λ, z ∈ Δ.cr Recently, the problem of finding the starlikeness of these classes has been considered by Obradović and Ponnusamy, and later by Obradović et al. In this paper, the authors consider the problem of finding the order...

Extremal metrics and modulus

I. Anić, M. Mateljević, Dragomir Šarić (2002)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We give a new proof of Beurling’s result related to the equality of the extremal length and the Dirichlet integral of solution of a mixed Dirichlet-Neuman problem. Our approach is influenced by Gehring’s work in 3 space. Also, some generalizations of Gehring’s result are presented.

Growth of polynomials whose zeros are outside a circle

K. Dewan, Sunil Hans (2008)

Annales UMCS, Mathematica

If p(z) be a polynomial of degree n, which does not vanish in |z| < k, k < 1, then it was conjectured by Aziz [Bull. Austral. Math. Soc. 35 (1987), 245-256] that [...] In this paper, we consider the case k < r < 1 and present a generalization as well as improvement of the above inequality.

Growth of the product j = 1 n ( 1 - x a j )

J. P. Bell, P. B. Borwein, L. B. Richmond (1998)

Acta Arithmetica

We estimate the maximum of j = 1 n | 1 - x a j | on the unit circle where 1 ≤ a₁ ≤ a₂ ≤ ... is a sequence of integers. We show that when a j is j k or when a j is a quadratic in j that takes on positive integer values, the maximum grows as exp(cn), where c is a positive constant. This complements results of Sudler and Wright that show exponential growth when a j is j.    In contrast we show, under fairly general conditions, that the maximum is less than 2 n / n r , where r is an arbitrary positive number. One consequence is that the...

Inequalities and Asymptotic Formulae for the Three Parametric Mittag-Leffler Functions

Paneva-Konovska, Jordanka (2012)

Mathematica Balkanica New Series

MSC 2010: 33E12, 30A10, 30D15, 30E15We consider some families of 3-index generalizations of the classical Mittag-Le²er functions and study the behaviour of these functions in domains of the complex plane. First, some inequalities in the complex plane and on its compact subsets are obtained. We also prove an asymptotic formula for the case of "large" values of the indices of these functions. Similar results have also been obtained by the author for the classical Bessel functions and their Wright's...

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