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Analytic and combinatoric aspects of Hurwitz polyzêtas

Jean-Yves Enjalbert, Hoang Ngoc Minh (2007)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

In this work, a symbolic encoding of generalized Di-richlet generating series is found thanks to combinatorial techniques of noncommutative rational power series. This enables to explicit periodic generalized Dirichlet generating series – particularly the coloured polyzêtas – as linear combinations of Hurwitz polyzêtas. Moreover, the noncommutative version of the convolution theorem gives easily rise to an integral representation of Hurwitz polyzêtas. This representation enables us to build the...

Optimization of Rational Approximations by Continued Fractions

Blomquist, Frithjof (2007)

Serdica Journal of Computing

The paper has been presented at the 12th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra, Varna, Bulgaria, June, 2006.To get guaranteed machine enclosures of a special function f(x), an upper bound ε(f) of the relative error is needed, where ε(f) itself depends on the error bounds ε(app); ε(eval) of the approximation and evaluation error respectively. The approximation function g(x) ≈ f(x) is a rational function (Remez algorithm), and with sufficiently high polynomial degrees ε(app) becomes...

Some conjectures on the zeros of approximates to the Riemann ≡-function and incomplete gamma functions

James Haglund (2011)

Open Mathematics

Riemann conjectured that all the zeros of the Riemann ≡-function are real, which is now known as the Riemann Hypothesis (RH). In this article we introduce the study of the zeros of the truncated sums ≡N(z) in Riemann’s uniformly convergent infinite series expansion of ≡(z) involving incomplete gamma functions. We conjecture that when the zeros of ≡N(z) in the first quadrant of the complex plane are listed by increasing real part, their imaginary parts are monotone nondecreasing. We show how this...

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