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A new characteristic property of Mittag-Leffler functions and fractional cosine functions

Zhan-Dong Mei, Ji-Gen Peng, Jun-Xiong Jia (2014)

Studia Mathematica

A new characteristic property of the Mittag-Leffler function E α ( a t α ) with 1 < α < 2 is deduced. Motivated by this property, a new notion, named α-order cosine function, is developed. It is proved that an α-order cosine function is associated with a solution operator of an α-order abstract Cauchy problem. Consequently, an α-order abstract Cauchy problem is well-posed if and only if its coefficient operator generates a unique α-order cosine function.

A note on poroacoustic traveling waves under Darcy's law: Exact solutions

P. M. Jordan, J. K. Fulford (2011)

Applications of Mathematics

A mathematical analysis of poroacoustic traveling wave phenomena is presented. Assuming that the fluid phase satisfies the perfect gas law and that the drag offered by the porous matrix is described by Darcy's law, exact traveling wave solutions (TWS)s, as well as asymptotic/approximate expressions, are derived and examined. In particular, stability issues are addressed, shock and acceleration waves are shown to arise, and special/limiting cases are noted. Lastly, connections to other fields are...

A Poster about the Recent History of Fractional Calculus

Machado, Tenreiro, Kiryakova, Virginia, Mainardi, Francesco (2010)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

MSC 2010: 26A33, 05C72, 33E12, 34A08, 34K37, 35R11, 60G22In the last decades fractional calculus became an area of intense re-search and development. The accompanying poster illustrates the major contributions during the period 1966-2010.

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