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A mathematical model describing the thyroid-pituitary axis with time delays in hormone transportation

Banibrata Mukhopadhyay, Rakhi Bhattacharyya (2006)

Applications of Mathematics

In the present paper, a mathematical model, originally proposed by Danziger and Elmergreen and describing the thyroid-pituitary homeostatic mechanism, is modified and analyzed for its physiological and clinical significance. The influence of different system parameters on the stability behavior of the system is discussed. The transportation delays of different hormones in the bloodstream, both in the discrete and distributed forms, are considered. Delayed models are analyzed regarding the stability...

Application of a center manifold theory to a reaction-diffusion system of collective motion of camphor disks and boats

Shin-Ichiro Ei, Kota Ikeda, Masaharu Nagayama, Akiyasu Tomoeda (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

Unidirectional motion along an annular water channel can be observed in an experiment even with only one camphor disk or boat. Moreover, the collective motion of camphor disks or boats in the water channel exhibits a homogeneous and an inhomogeneous state, depending on the number of disks or boats, which looks like a kind of bifurcation phenomena. In a theoretical research, the unidirectional motion is represented by a traveling wave solution in a model. Hence it suffices to investigate a linearized...

Feeding Threshold for Predators Stabilizes Predator-Prey Systems

D. Bontje, B. W. Kooi, G. A.K. van Voorn, S.A.L.M Kooijman (2009)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

Since Rosenzweig showed the destabilisation of exploited ecosystems, the so called Paradox of enrichment, several mechanisms have been proposed to resolve this paradox. In this paper we will show that a feeding threshold in the functional response for predators feeding on a prey population stabilizes the system and that there exists a minimum threshold value above which the predator-prey system is unconditionally stable with respect to enrichment. Two models are analysed, the first being the classical...

Generalization of the Kermack-McKendrick SIR Model to a Patchy Environment for a Disease with Latency

J. Li, X. Zou (2009)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

In this paper, with the assumptions that an infectious disease has a fixed latent period in a population and the latent individuals of the population may disperse, we reformulate an SIR model for the population living in two patches (cities, towns, or countries etc.), which is a generalization of the classic Kermack-McKendrick SIR model. The model is given by a system of delay differential equations with a fixed delay accounting for the latency and non-local terms caused by the mobility of the...

Hopf bifurcation analysis of some hyperchaotic systems with time-delay controllers

Lan Zhang, Cheng Jian Zhang (2008)


A four-dimensional hyperchaotic Lü system with multiple time-delay controllers is considered in this paper. Based on the theory of Hopf bifurcation in delay system, we obtain a simple relationship between the parameters when the system has a periodic solution. Numerical simulations show that the assumption is a rational condition, choosing parameter in the determined region can control hyperchaotic Lü system well, the chaotic state is transformed to the periodic orbit. Finally, we consider the differences...

Local properties of the solution set of the operator equation in Banach spaces in a neighbourhood of a bifurcation point

Joanna Janczewska (2004)

Open Mathematics

In this work we study the problem of the existence of bifurcation in the solution set of the equation F(x, λ)=0, where F: X×R k →Y is a C 2-smooth operator, X and Y are Banach spaces such that X⊂Y. Moreover, there is given a scalar product 〈·,·〉: Y×Y→R 1 that is continuous with respect to the norms in X and Y. We show that under some conditions there is bifurcation at a point (0, λ0)∈X×R k and we describe the solution set of the studied equation in a small neighbourhood of this point.

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