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A generalization of a theorem of Mammana

Roberto Camporesi, Antonio J. Di Scala (2011)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We prove that any linear ordinary differential operator with complex-valued coefficients continuous in an interval I can be factored into a product of first-order operators globally defined on I. This generalizes a theorem of Mammana for the case of real-valued coefficients.

A proof of monotony of the Temple quotients in eigenvalue problems

Karel Rektorys (1984)

Aplikace matematiky

If the so-called Collatz method is applied to get twosided estimates of the first eigenvalue λ 1 , the sequences of the so-called Schwarz quatients (which are upper bounds for λ 1 ) and of the so-called Temple quotients (which are lower bounds) are constructed. While monotony of the first sequence was proved many years ago, monotony of the second one has been proved only recently by F. goerisch and J. Albrecht in their common paper “Die Monotonie der Templeschen Quotienten” (ZAMM, in print). In the present...

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