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A note on surfaces with radially symmetric nonpositive Gaussian curvature

Joseph Shomberg (2005)

Mathematica Bohemica

It is easily seen that the graphs of harmonic conjugate functions (the real and imaginary parts of a holomorphic function) have the same nonpositive Gaussian curvature. The converse to this statement is not as simple. Given two graphs with the same nonpositive Gaussian curvature, when can we conclude that the functions generating their graphs are harmonic? In this paper, we show that given a graph with radially symmetric nonpositive Gaussian curvature in a certain form, there are (up to) four families...

Asymptotically self-similar solutions for the parabolic system modelling chemotaxis

Yūki Naito (2006)

Banach Center Publications

We consider a nonlinear parabolic system modelling chemotaxis u t = · ( u - u v ) , v t = Δ v + u in ℝ², t > 0. We first prove the existence of time-global solutions, including self-similar solutions, for small initial data, and then show the asymptotically self-similar behavior for a class of general solutions.

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