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A study of bending waves in infinite and anisotropic plates

Ove Lindblom, Reinhold Näslund, Lars-Erik Persson, Karl-Evert Fällström (1997)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper we present a unified approach to obtain integral representation formulas for describing the propagation of bending waves in infinite plates. The general anisotropic case is included and both new and well-known formulas are obtained in special cases (e.g. the classical Boussinesq formula). The formulas we have derived have been compared with experimental data and the coincidence is very good in all cases.

Asymptotic Property of Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Laplace Operator in Domain with a Perturbed Boundary

Khelifi, Abdessatar (2005)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 35J05, 35C15, 44P05In this paper, we consider the variations of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for the Laplace operator with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions under deformation of the underlying domain of definition. We derive recursive formulas for the Taylor coefficients of the eigenvalues as functions of the shape-perturbation parameter and we establish the existence of a set of eigenfunctions that is jointly holomorphic in the spatial and boundary-variation ...

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 188

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