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Distributional fractional powers of the Laplacean. Riesz potentials

Celso Martínez, Miguel Sanzi, Francisco Periago (1999)

Studia Mathematica

For different reasons it is very useful to have at one’s disposal a duality formula for the fractional powers of the Laplacean, namely, ( ( - Δ ) α u , ϕ ) = ( u , ( - Δ ) α ϕ ) , α ∈ ℂ, for ϕ belonging to a suitable function space and u to its topological dual. Unfortunately, this formula makes no sense in the classical spaces of distributions. For this reason we introduce a new space of distributions where the above formula can be established. Finally, we apply this distributional point of view on the fractional powers of the Laplacean...

Exact Solutions of Nonlocal BVPs for the Multidimensional Heat Equations

Dimovski, Ivan, Tsankov, Yulian (2012)

Mathematica Balkanica New Series

MSC 2010: 44A35, 44A45, 44A40, 35K20, 35K05In this paper a method for obtaining exact solutions of the multidimensional heat equations with nonlocal boundary value conditions in a finite space domain with time-nonlocal initial condition is developed. One half of the space conditions are local, and the other are nonlocal. Extensions of Duhamel principle are obtained. In the case when the initial value condition is a local one i.e. of the form u(x1; :::; xn; 0) = f(x1; :::; xn) the problem reduces...

Heaviside's theory of signal transmission on submarine cables

Hikosaburo Komatsu (2010)

Banach Center Publications

As written in L. Schwartz' book, Heaviside's theory of cables is an important source of the theory of generalized functions. The partial differential equations he discussed were the usual heat equation and the simplest hyperbolic equations of one space dimension, but he had to solve them as evolution equations in the unusual direction of the distance along which the electric signals propagate. Although he obtained explicit expressions of solutions, which were of great economical values, it has not...

On the Operational Solution of a System of Fractional Differential Equations

Takači, Dj., Takači, A. (2010)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

MSC 2010: 26A33, 44A45, 44A40, 65J10We consider a linear system of differential equations with fractional derivatives, and its corresponding system in the field of Mikusiński operators, written in a matrix form, by using the connection between the fractional and the Mikusiński calculus. The exact and the approximate operational solution of the corresponding matrix equations, with operator entries are determined, and their characters are analyzed. By using the packages Scientific Work place and...

Operational calculus and Fourier transform on Boehmians

V. Karunakaran, R. Roopkumar (2005)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We define various operations on the space of ultra Boehmians like multiplication with certain analytic functions which are Fourier transforms of compactly supported distributions, polynomials, and characters ( e i s t , s , t ) , translation, differentiation. We also prove that the Fourier transform on the space of ultra Boehmians has all the operational properties as in the classical theory.

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