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Haar wavelets method for solving Pocklington's integral equation

M. Shamsi, Mohsen Razzaghi, J. Nazarzadeh, Masoud Shafiee (2004)


A simple and effective method based on Haar wavelets is proposed for the solution of Pocklington’s integral equation. The properties of Haar wavelets are first given. These wavelets are utilized to reduce the solution of Pocklington’s integral equation to the solution of algebraic equations. In order to save memory and computation time, we apply a threshold procedure to obtain sparse algebraic equations. Through numerical examples, performance of the present method is investigated concerning the...

Integral operators generated by Mercer-like kernels on topological spaces

M. H. Castro, V. A. Menegatto, A. P. Peron (2012)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We analyze some aspects of Mercer's theory when the integral operators act on L²(X,σ), where X is a first countable topological space and σ is a non-degenerate measure. We obtain results akin to the well-known Mercer's theorem and, under a positive definiteness assumption on the generating kernel of the operator, we also deduce series representations for the kernel, traceability of the operator and an integration formula to compute the trace. In this way, we upgrade considerably similar results...

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