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A new approach for KM-fuzzy partial metric spaces

Yu Shen, Chong Shen, Conghua Yan (2022)


The main purpose of this paper is to give a new approach for partial metric spaces. We first provide the new concept of KM-fuzzy partial metric, as an extension of both the partial metric and KM-fuzzy metric. Then its relationship with the KM-fuzzy quasi-metric is established. In particularly, we construct a KM-fuzzy quasi-metric from a KM-fuzzy partial metric. Finally, after defining the notion of partial pseudo-metric systems, a one-to-one correspondence between partial pseudo-metric systems and...

Almost periodic sequences and functions with given values

Michal Veselý (2011)

Archivum Mathematicum

We present a method for constructing almost periodic sequences and functions with values in a metric space. Applying this method, we find almost periodic sequences and functions with prescribed values. Especially, for any totally bounded countable set  X in a metric space, it is proved the existence of an almost periodic sequence { ψ k } k such that { ψ k ; k } = X and ψ k = ψ k + l q ( k ) , l for all  k and some q ( k ) which depends on  k .

General theory of the fuzzy integral.

Pietro Benvenuti, Doretta Vivona (1996)

Mathware and Soft Computing

By means of two general operations + and x, called pan-operations'', we build a new kind of integral. This formulation contains, as particular cases, both Choquet's and Sugeno's integrals.

Hardy-Rogers-type fixed point theorems for α - G F -contractions

Muhammad Arshad, Eskandar Ameer, Aftab Hussain (2015)

Archivum Mathematicum

The aim of this paper is to introduce some new fixed point results of Hardy-Rogers-type for α - η - G F -contraction in a complete metric space. We extend the concept of F -contraction into an α - η - G F -contraction of Hardy-Rogers-type. An example has been constructed to demonstrate the novelty of our results.

Invariant approximation for fuzzy nonexpansive mappings

Ismat Beg, Mujahid Abbas (2011)

Mathematica Bohemica

We establish results on invariant approximation for fuzzy nonexpansive mappings defined on fuzzy metric spaces. As an application a result on the best approximation as a fixed point in a fuzzy normed space is obtained. We also define the strictly convex fuzzy normed space and obtain a necessary condition for the set of all t -best approximations to contain a fixed point of arbitrary mappings. A result regarding the existence of an invariant point for a pair of commuting mappings on a fuzzy metric...

On the hyperspace of bounded closed sets under a generalized Hausdorff stationary fuzzy metric

Dong Qiu, Chongxia Lu, Shuai Deng, Liang Wang (2014)


In this paper, we generalize the classical Hausdorff metric with t-norms and obtain its basic properties. Furthermore, for a given stationary fuzzy metric space with a t-norm without zero divisors, we propose a method for constructing a generalized Hausdorff fuzzy metric on the set of the nonempty bounded closed subsets. Finally we discuss several important properties as completeness, completion and precompactness.

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