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A Random Evolution Inclusion of Subdifferential Type in Hilbert Spaces

Kravvaritis, D., Pantelidis, G. (1996)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

In this paper we study a nonlinear evolution inclusion of subdifferential type in Hilbert spaces. The perturbation term is Hausdorff continuous in the state variable and has closed but not necessarily convex values. Our result is a stochastic generalization of an existence theorem proved by Kravvaritis and Papageorgiou in [6].

Coupled fixed points of mixed monotone operators on probabilistic Banach spaces

Ismat Beg, Abdul Latif, Rashid Ali, Akbar Azam (2001)

Archivum Mathematicum

The existence of minimal and maximal fixed points for monotone operators defined on probabilistic Banach spaces is proved. We obtained sufficient conditions for the existence of coupled fixed point for mixed monotone condensing multivalued operators.

On some constructions of new triangular norms.

Radko Mesiar (1995)

Mathware and Soft Computing

We discuss the properties of two types of construction of a new t-norm from a given t-norm proposed recently by B. Demant, namely the dilatation and the contraction. In general, the dilatation of a t-norm is an ordinal sum t-norm and the continuity of the outgoing t-norm is preserved. On the other hand, the contraction may violate the continuity as well as the non-continuity of the outgoing t-norm. Several examples are given.

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