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Computer identification of plane regions

Jozef Zámožík (1982)

Aplikace matematiky

This paper gives a simple algorithm for the identification of the insidedness and the autsidedness of a plane bounded region. The region can be the union, intersection or difference of an arbitrary number of k -tuple connected regions.

Envelope construction of two-parameteric system of curves in the technological practice

Bartoň, Stanislav, Petřík, Michal (2015)

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

A two-parametric system of close planar curves is defined in the introduction of the presented article. Next a theorem stating the existence of the envelope is presented and proved. A mathematical model of the collecting mechanism of the Horal forage trailer is developed and used for practical demonstrations. The collecting mechanism is a double joint system composed of three rods. An equation describing the trajectory of a random point of the working rod is derived using Maple. The trajectories...

Mini-programs for hidden lines on a surface

Josef Kateřiňák (1987)

Aplikace matematiky

Many programs for the hidden lines on a surface are known [1] but these programs are long and need a large memory of the computer. In this paper we show algorithms and the corresponding mini-program in BASIC which can be implemented on minicomputers with plotters or plotting displays. We map the surface in the parallel or central projections.

Über den Umriss der konvexen Flächen

Václav Medek (1978)

Aplikace matematiky

In dem Artikel is eine Methode zur Konstruktion des Umrisses eines konvexen Gebildes beschrieben, die für automatische Bearbeitung geeignet ist.

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