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Cellular covers of cotorsion-free modules

Rüdiger Göbel, José L. Rodríguez, Lutz Strüngmann (2012)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

In this paper we improve recent results dealing with cellular covers of R-modules. Cellular covers (sometimes called colocalizations) come up in the context of homotopical localization of topological spaces. They are related to idempotent cotriples, idempotent comonads or coreflectors in category theory. Recall that a homomorphism of R-modules π: G → H is called a cellular cover over H if π induces an isomorphism π : H o m R ( G , G ) H o m R ( G , H ) , where π⁎(φ) = πφ for each φ H o m R ( G , G ) (where maps are acting on the left). On the one hand,...

Cochains and homotopy type

Michael A. Mandell (2006)

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS

Finite type nilpotent spaces are weakly equivalent if and only if their singular cochains are quasi-isomorphic as E∞ algebras. The cochain functor from the homotopy category of finite type nilpotent spaces to the homotopy category of E∞ algebras is faithful but not full.

Definable orthogonality classes in accessible categories are small

Joan Bagaria, Carles Casacuberta, A. R. D. Mathias, Jiří Rosický (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We lower substantially the strength of the assumptions needed for the validity of certain results in category theory and homotopy theory which were known to follow from Vopěnka’s principle. We prove that the necessary large-cardinal hypotheses depend on the complexity of the formulas defining the given classes, in the sense of the Lévy hierarchy. For example, the statement that, for a class 𝒮 of morphisms in a locally presentable category 𝒞 of structures, the orthogonal class of objects is a small-orthogonality...

Exploring W.G. Dwyer's tame homotopy theory.

Hans Scheerer, Daniel Tanré (1991)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

Let Sr be the category of r-reduced simplicial sets, r ≥ 3; let Lr-1 be the category of (r-1)-reduced differential graded Lie algebras over Z. According to the fundamental work [3] of W.G. Dwyer both categories are endowed with closed model category structures such that the associated tame homotopy category of Sr is equivalent to the associated homotopy category of Lr-1. Here we embark on a study of this equivalence and its implications. In particular, we show how to compute homology, cohomology,...

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