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Co-H-structures on equivariant Moore spaces

Martin Arkowitz, Marek Golasiński (1994)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let G be a finite group, 𝕆 G the category of canonical orbits of G and A : 𝕆 G 𝔸 b a contravariant functor to the category of abelian groups. We investigate the set of G-homotopy classes of comultiplications of a Moore G-space of type (A,n) where n ≥ 2 and prove that if such a Moore G-space X is a cogroup, then it has a unique comultiplication if dim X < 2n - 1. If dim X = 2n-1, then the set of comultiplications of X is in one-one correspondence with E x t n - 1 ( A , A A ) . Then the case G = p k leads to an example of infinitely...

Evaluating a p-th order cohomology operation.

J. Harper, A. Zabrodsky (1988)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

A certain p-th order cup product is detected by a p-th order cohomology operation. The result is applied to finite H-spaces, to show that several properties of compact Lie groups do not hold for arbitrary torsion free finite H-spaces.

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