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A convergence of fuzzy random variables

Dug Hun Hong (2003)


In this paper, a general convergence theorem of fuzzy random variables is considered. Using this result, we can easily prove the recent result of Joo et al, which gives generalization of a strong law of large numbers for sums of stationary and ergodic processes to the case of fuzzy random variables. We also generalize the recent result of Kim, which is a strong law of large numbers for sums of levelwise independent and levelwise identically distributed fuzzy random variables.

A note on the almost sure limiting behavior of the maximun of a sequence of partial sums.

André Adler (1988)


The goal of this paper is to show that, in most strong laws of large numbers, the nth partial sum can be replaced with the largest of the first n sums. Moreover it is shown that the usual assumptions of independence and common distribution are unnecessary and that these results apply also to strong laws for Banach valued random elements.

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