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A central limit theorem on the space of positive definite symmetric matrices

Piotr Graczyk (1992)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

A central limit theorem is proved on the space 𝒫 n of positive definite symmetric matrices. To do this, some natural analogs of the mean and dispersion on 𝒫 n are defined and investigated. One uses a Taylor expansion of the spherical functions on 𝒫 n .

A continuous mapping theorem for the argmin-set functional with applications to convex stochastic processes

Dietmar Ferger (2021)


For lower-semicontinuous and convex stochastic processes Z n and nonnegative random variables ϵ n we investigate the pertaining random sets A ( Z n , ϵ n ) of all ϵ n -approximating minimizers of Z n . It is shown that, if the finite dimensional distributions of the Z n converge to some Z and if the ϵ n converge in probability to some constant c , then the A ( Z n , ϵ n ) converge in distribution to A ( Z , c ) in the hyperspace of Vietoris. As a simple corollary we obtain an extension of several argmin-theorems in the literature. In particular, in...

A convergence of fuzzy random variables

Dug Hun Hong (2003)


In this paper, a general convergence theorem of fuzzy random variables is considered. Using this result, we can easily prove the recent result of Joo et al, which gives generalization of a strong law of large numbers for sums of stationary and ergodic processes to the case of fuzzy random variables. We also generalize the recent result of Kim, which is a strong law of large numbers for sums of levelwise independent and levelwise identically distributed fuzzy random variables.

A Gaussian bound for convolutions of functions on locally compact groups

Nick Dungey (2006)

Studia Mathematica

We give new and general sufficient conditions for a Gaussian upper bound on the convolutions K m + n K m + n - 1 K m + 1 of a suitable sequence K₁, K₂, K₃, ... of complex-valued functions on a unimodular, compactly generated locally compact group. As applications, we obtain Gaussian bounds for convolutions of suitable probability densities, and for convolutions of small perturbations of densities.

A geometry on the space of probabilities (II). Projective spaces and exponential families.

Henryk Gzyl, Lázaro Recht (2006)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

In this note we continue a theme taken up in part I, see [Gzyl and Recht: The geometry on the class of probabilities (I). The finite dimensional case. Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 22 (2006), 545-558], namely to provide a geometric interpretation of exponential families as end points of geodesics of a non-metric connection in a function space. For that we characterize the space of probability densities as a projective space in the class of strictly positive functions, and these will be regarded as a...

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