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A Note on Computing Extreme Tail Probabilities of the Noncentral t -Distribution with Large Noncentrality Parameter

Viktor Witkovský (2013)

Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica

The noncentral t -distribution is a generalization of the Student’s t -distribution. In this paper we suggest an alternative approach for computing the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of the noncentral t -distribution which is based on a direct numerical integration of a well behaved function. With a double-precision arithmetic, the algorithm provides highly precise and fast evaluation of the extreme tail probabilities of the noncentral t -distribution, even for large values of the noncentrality...

Criterio para detectar outliers en poblaciones normales bivariantes.

Joaquón Muñoz García (1984)

Trabajos de Estadística e Investigación Operativa

Damos un procedimiento de detección de outliers para muestras procedentes de poblaciones normales bivariantes, que viene dado por el cuadrado de la distancia entre matrices de sumas de cuadrados y sumas de productos de observaciones muestrales, la cual se ha obtenido a partir de la forma métrica diferencial de Maas.

Directional quantile regression in Octave (and MATLAB)

Pavel Boček, Miroslav Šiman (2016)


Although many words have been written about two recent directional (regression) quantile concepts, their applications, and the algorithms for computing associated (regression) quantile regions, their software implementation is still not widely available, which, of course, severely hinders the dissemination of both methods. Wanting to partly fill in the gap here, we provide all the codes needed for computing and plotting the multivariate (regression) quantile regions in Octave and MATLAB, describe...

Directional quantile regression in R

Pavel Boček, Miroslav Šiman (2017)


Recently, the eminently popular standard quantile regression has been generalized to the multiple-output regression setup by means of directional regression quantiles in two rather interrelated ways. Unfortunately, they lead to complicated optimization problems involving parametric programming, and this may be the main obstacle standing in the way of their wide dissemination. The presented R package modQR is intended to address this issue. It originates as a quite faithful translation of the authors'...

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