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A note on order statistics from symmetrically distributed samples

Marek Kałuszka, Andrzej Okolewski (2011)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We present a first moment distribution-free bound on expected values of L-statistics as well as properties of some numerical characteristics of order statistics, in the case when the observations are possibly dependent symmetrically distributed about the common mean. An actuarial interpretation of the presented bound is indicated.

Affinity between complex distribution functions.

Antonio Dorival Campos (1987)

Trabajos de Estadística

By analogy to the real case established by Matusita (1955) we introduce the concept of affinity between two complex distribution functions. We also establish a concrete expression for the affinity between two complex k-variate normal distributions when the covariance matrices assume a special form. Generalizations of these results are presented and the expressions here obtained are compared with those obtained by Matusita (1966, 1967) relative to the affinity between real k-variate normal distributions....

Bound on extended f -divergences for a variety of classes

Pietro Cerone, Sever Silvestru Dragomir, Ferdinand Österreicher (2004)


The concept of f -divergences was introduced by Csiszár in 1963 as measures of the ‘hardness’ of a testing problem depending on a convex real valued function f on the interval [ 0 , ) . The choice of this parameter f can be adjusted so as to match the needs for specific applications. The definition and some of the most basic properties of f -divergences are given and the class of χ α -divergences is presented. Ostrowski’s inequality and a Trapezoid inequality are utilized in order to prove bounds for an extension...

Bounds on Capital Requirements For Bivariate Risk with Given Marginals and Partial Information on the Dependence

Carole Bernard, Yuntao Liu, Niall MacGillivray, Jinyuan Zhang (2013)

Dependence Modeling

Nelsen et al. [20] find bounds for bivariate distribution functions when there are constraints on the values of its quartiles. Tankov [25] generalizes this work by giving explicit expressions for the best upper and lower bounds for a bivariate copula when its values on a compact subset of [0; 1]2 are known. He shows that they are quasi-copulas and not necessarily copulas. Tankov [25] and Bernard et al. [3] both give sufficient conditions for these bounds to be copulas. In this note we give weaker...

Comparaison de tendance centrale par l'analyse de transferts

Éric Térouanne (1996)

Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines

La différence de tendance centrale entre deux distributions sur un ensemble fini est représentée par une série de transferts entre les modalités. Un modèle unique est proposé qui permet d'analyser ces différences pour des variables nominales, ordinales ou métriques aussi bien que pour les variables numériques. En particulier on définit un indice de différence entre les distributions qui se ramène à l'indice de distorsion de Gini dans le cas d'une variable nominale et à la différence entre les moyennes...

Compound geometric and Poisson models

Nooshin Hakamipour, Sadegh Rezaei, Saralees Nadarajah (2015)


Many lifetime distributions are motivated only by mathematical interest. Here, eight new families of distributions are introduced. These distributions are motivated as models for the stress of a system consisting of components working in parallel/series and each component has a fixed number of sub-components working in parallel/series. Mathematical properties and estimation procedures are derived for one of the families of distributions. A real data application shows superior performance of a three-parameter...

Discrete Lundberg-type bounds with actuarial applications

Kristina Sendova (2007)

ESAIM: Probability and Statistics

Different kinds of renewal equations repeatedly arise in connection with renewal risk models and variations. It is often appropriate to utilize bounds instead of the general solution to the renewal equation due to the inherent complexity. For this reason, as a first approach to construction of bounds we employ a general Lundberg-type methodology. Second, we focus specifically on exponential bounds which have the advantageous feature of being closely connected to the asymptotic behavior (for large...

Distorsion entre deux distributions d'une variable nominale

Éric Térouanne (1995)

Mathématiques et Sciences Humaines

On montre comment les outils classiquement utilisés pour parler de concentration d'une mesure par rapport à une autre, considérée comme référence, permettent d'introduire la notion de distorsion entre deux mesures, dans laquelle ces dernières jouent des rôles symétriques. Ceci permet de résoudre divers problèmes posés par l'étude des inégalités : évolutions paradoxales de deux sous-populations complémentaires, évaluation de la contribution de chaque modalité à la distorsion ou à son évolution.

Distribuciones neutras, propensas y resistentes a datos atípicos.

Paloma Main Yaque (1987)

Trabajos de Estadística

Se analizan los conceptos de función de distribución propensa, neutra y resistente a producir datos atípicos dependiendo del comportamiento asintótico de la diferencia y la razón de los dos extremos superiores.Posteriormente se caracterizan las primeras definiciones con propiedades de la cola derecha de la función de distribución.

Exact and approximate distributions for the product of Dirichlet components

Saralees Nadarajah, Samuel Kotz (2004)


It is well known that X / ( X + Y ) has the beta distribution when X and Y follow the Dirichlet distribution. Linear combinations of the form α X + β Y have also been studied in Provost and Cheong [S. B. Provost and Y.-H. Cheong: On the distribution of linear combinations of the components of a Dirichlet random vector. Canad. J. Statist. 28 (2000)]. In this paper, we derive the exact distribution of the product P = X Y (involving the Gauss hypergeometric function) and the corresponding moment properties. We also propose...

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