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A global analysis of Newton iterations for determining turning points

Vladimír Janovský, Viktor Seige (1993)

Applications of Mathematics

The global convergence of a direct method for determining turning (limit) points of a parameter-dependent mapping is analysed. It is assumed that the relevant extended system has a singular root for a special parameter value. The singular root is clasified as a b i f u r c a t i o n s i n g u l a r i t y (i.e., as a d e g e n e r a t e turning point). Then, the Theorz for Imperfect Bifurcation offers a particular scenario for the split of the singular root into a finite number of regular roots (turning points) due to a given parameter imperfection. The relationship...

Continuation of invariant subspaces via the Recursive Projection Method

Vladimír Janovský, O. Liberda (2003)

Applications of Mathematics

The Recursive Projection Method is a technique for continuation of both the steady states and the dominant invariant subspaces. In this paper a modified version of the RPM called projected RPM is proposed. The modification underlines the stabilization effect. In order to improve the poor update of the unstable invariant subspace we have applied subspace iterations preconditioned by Cayley transform. A statement concerning the local convergence of the resulting method is proved. Results of numerical...

Homotopy method for minimum consumption orbit transfer problem

Joseph Gergaud, Thomas Haberkorn (2006)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

The numerical resolution of the low thrust orbital transfer problem around the Earth with the maximization of the final mass or minimization of the consumption is investigated. This problem is difficult to solve by shooting method because the optimal control is discontinuous and a homotopic method is proposed to deal with these difficulties for which convergence properties are established. For a thrust of 0.1 Newton and a final time 50% greater than the minimum one, we obtain 1786 switching times....

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