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A backward selection procedure for approximating a discrete probability distribution by decomposable models

Francesco M. Malvestuto (2012)


Decomposable (probabilistic) models are log-linear models generated by acyclic hypergraphs, and a number of nice properties enjoyed by them are known. In many applications the following selection problem naturally arises: given a probability distribution p over a finite set V of n discrete variables and a positive integer k , find a decomposable model with tree-width k that best fits p . If is the generating hypergraph of a decomposable model and p is the estimate of p under the model, we can measure...

A graph approach to computing nondeterminacy in substitutional dynamical systems

Toke M. Carlsen, Søren Eilers (2007)

RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications

We present an algorithm which for any aperiodic and primitive substitution outputs a finite representation of each special word in the shift space associated to that substitution, and determines when such representations are equivalent under orbit and shift tail equivalence. The algorithm has been implemented and applied in the study of certain new invariants for flow equivalence of substitutional dynamical systems.

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 398

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