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An alternative proof of Painlevé's theorem

Jan Němec (2000)

Applications of Mathematics

In this article we show some aspects of analytical and numerical solution of the n -body problem, which arises from the classical Newtonian model for gravitation attraction. We prove the non-existence of stationary solutions and give an alternative proof for Painlevé’s theorem.

On measure solutions to the Zero-pressure gas model and their uniqueness

Jiequan Li, Gerald G. Warnecke (2002)

Mathematica Bohemica

The system of zero-pressure gas dynamics conservation laws describes the dynamics of free particles sticking under collision while mass and momentum are conserved. The existence of such solutions was established some time ago. Here we report a uniqueness result that uses the Oleinik entropy condition and a cohesion condition. Both of these conditions are automatically satisfied by solutions obtained in previous existence results. Important tools in the proof of uniqueness are regularizations, generalized...

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