Functions, flows and oscillatory integrals on flag manifolds and conjugacy classes in real semisimple Lie groups

J. J. Duistermaat; J. A. C. Kolk; V. S. Varadarajan

Compositio Mathematica (1983)

  • Volume: 49, Issue: 3, page 309-398
  • ISSN: 0010-437X

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Duistermaat, J. J., Kolk, J. A. C., and Varadarajan, V. S.. "Functions, flows and oscillatory integrals on flag manifolds and conjugacy classes in real semisimple Lie groups." Compositio Mathematica 49.3 (1983): 309-398. <>.

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AU - Duistermaat, J. J.
AU - Kolk, J. A. C.
AU - Varadarajan, V. S.
TI - Functions, flows and oscillatory integrals on flag manifolds and conjugacy classes in real semisimple Lie groups
JO - Compositio Mathematica
PY - 1983
PB - Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
VL - 49
IS - 3
SP - 309
EP - 398
LA - eng
KW - C-function; phase-function; oscillatory integral; asymptotics; critical manifold; Selberg trace formula; special functions
UR -
ER -


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