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On the class of order Dunford-Pettis operators

Khalid BourasAbdelmonaim El KaddouriJawad H'michaneMohammed Moussa — 2013

Mathematica Bohemica

We characterize Banach lattices E and F on which the adjoint of each operator from E into F which is order Dunford-Pettis and weak Dunford-Pettis, is Dunford-Pettis. More precisely, we show that if E and F are two Banach lattices then each order Dunford-Pettis and weak Dunford-Pettis operator T from E into F has an adjoint Dunford-Pettis operator T ' from F ' into E ' if, and only if, the norm of E ' is order continuous or F ' has the Schur property. As a consequence we show that, if E and F are two Banach...

Application of ( L ) sets to some classes of operators

Kamal El FahriNabil MachrafiJawad H'michaneAziz Elbour — 2016

Mathematica Bohemica

The paper contains some applications of the notion of Ł sets to several classes of operators on Banach lattices. In particular, we introduce and study the class of order ( L ) -Dunford-Pettis operators, that is, operators from a Banach space into a Banach lattice whose adjoint maps order bounded subsets to an ( L ) sets. As a sequence characterization of such operators, we see that an operator T : X E from a Banach space into a Banach lattice is order Ł -Dunford-Pettis, if and only if | T ( x n ) | 0 for σ ( E , E ' ) for every weakly null...

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