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Preservation and reflection of properties acc and hacc

Maddalena Bonanzinga — 1996

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

The aim of the paper is to study the preservation and the reflection of acc and hacc spaces under various kinds of mappings. In particular, we show that acc and hacc are not preserved by perfect mappings and that acc is not reflected by closed (nor perfect) mappings while hacc is reflected by perfect mappings.

On the product of a compact space with an hereditarily absolutely countably compact space

Maddalena Bonanzinga — 1997

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We show that the product of a compact, sequential T 2 space with an hereditarily absolutely countably compact T 3 space is hereditarily absolutely countably compact, and further that the product of a compact T 2 space of countable tightness with an hereditarily absolutely countably compact ω -bounded T 3 space is hereditarily absolutely countably compact.

On the cardinality of n-Urysohn and n-Hausdorff spaces

Maddalena BonanzingaMaria CuzzupéBruno Pansera — 2014

Open Mathematics

Two variations of Arhangelskii’s inequality X 2 χ ( X ) - L ( X ) for Hausdorff X [Arhangel’skii A.V., The power of bicompacta with first axiom of countability, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 1969, 187, 967–970 (in Russian)] given in [Stavrova D.N., Separation pseudocharacter and the cardinality of topological spaces, Topology Proc., 2000, 25(Summer), 333–343] are extended to the classes with finite Urysohn number or finite Hausdorff number.

Monotone weak Lindelöfness

Maddalena BonanzingaFilippo CammarotoBruno Pansera — 2011

Open Mathematics

The definition of monotone weak Lindelöfness is similar to monotone versions of other covering properties: X is monotonically weakly Lindelöf if there is an operator r that assigns to every open cover U a family of open sets r(U) so that (1) ∪r(U) is dense in X, (2) r(U) refines U, and (3) r(U) refines r(V) whenever U refines V. Some examples and counterexamples of monotonically weakly Lindelöf spaces are given and some basic properties such as the behavior with respect to products and subspaces...

Sequential + separable vs sequentially separable and another variation on selective separability

Angelo BellaMaddalena BonanzingaMikhail Matveev — 2013

Open Mathematics

A space X is sequentially separable if there is a countable D ⊂ X such that every point of X is the limit of a sequence of points from D. Neither “sequential + separable” nor “sequentially separable” implies the other. Some examples of this are presented and some conditions under which one of the two implies the other are discussed. A selective version of sequential separability is also considered.

On Relative γ k -Sets

Maddalena BonanzingaFilippo CammarotoBruno A. Pansera — 2007

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

In this note we show a relative version of γ k -set introduced and studied in [12]. We give several characterizations of this property; in particular one of the characterizations is Ramsey theoretical. Also we give a result involving a property of the corresponding mapping between function spaces.

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