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Basic equations of G -almost geodesic mappings of the second type, which have the property of reciprocity

Mića S. StankovićMilan L. ZlatanovićNenad O. Vesić — 2015

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We study G -almost geodesic mappings of the second type θ π 2 ( e ) , θ = 1 , 2 between non-symmetric affine connection spaces. These mappings are a generalization of the second type almost geodesic mappings defined by N. S. Sinyukov (1979). We investigate a special type of these mappings in this paper. We also consider e -structures that generate mappings of type θ π 2 ( e ) , θ = 1 , 2 . For a mapping θ π 2 ( e , F ) , θ = 1 , 2 , we determine the basic equations which generate them.

Equitorsion holomorphically projective mappings of generalized Kählerian space of the first kind

Mića S. StankovićMilan Lj. ZlatanovićLjubica S. Velimirović — 2010

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In this paper we define generalized Kählerian spaces of the first kind ( G K 1 N ) given by (2.1)–(2.3). For them we consider hollomorphically projective mappings with invariant complex structure. Also, we consider equitorsion geodesic mapping between these two spaces ( G K 1 N and G K ¯ 1 N ) and for them we find invariant geometric objects.

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