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Mathematical study of rotational incompressible non-viscous flows through multiply connected domains

Miloslav Feistauer — 1981

Aplikace matematiky

The paper is devoted to the study of the boundary value problem for an elliptic quasilinear second-order partial differential equation in a multiply connected, bounded plane domain under the assumption that the Dirichlet boundary value conditions on the separate components of the boundary are given up to additive constants. These constants together with the solution of the equation considered are to be determined so as to fulfil the so called trainling conditions. The results have immediate applications...

Solution of elliptic problem with not fully specified Dirichlet boundary value conditions and its application in hydrodynamics

Miloslav Feistauer — 1979

Aplikace matematiky

The author solves a mixed boundary value problem for linear partial differential equations of the elliptic type in a multiply connected domain. Dirichlet conditions are given on the components of the boundary of the domain up to some additive constants which are not known a priori. These constants are to be determined, together with the solution of the boundary value problem, to fulfil some additional conditions. The results are immediately applicable in hydrodynamics to the solution of problems...

On irrotational flows through cascades of profiles in a layer of variable thickness

Miloslav Feistauer — 1984

Aplikace matematiky

The paper is devoted to the study of solvability of boundary value problems for the stream function, describing non-viscous, irrotional, subsonic flowes through cascades of profiles in a layer of variable thickness. From the definition of a classical solution the variational formulation is derive and the concept of a weak solution is introduced. The proof of the existence and uniqueness of the weak solution is based on the monotone operator theory.

Nonlinear elliptic problems with incomplete Dirichlet conditions and the stream function solution of subsonic rotational flows past profiles or cascades of profiles

Miloslav Feistauer — 1989

Aplikace matematiky

The paper is devoted to the solvability of a nonlinear elliptic problem in a plane multiply connected domain. On the inner components of its boundary Dirichlet conditions are known up to additive constants which have to be determined together with the sought solution so that the so-called trailing stagnation conditions are satisfied. The results have applications in the stream function solution of subsonic flows past groups of profiles or cascades of profiles.

On the stability of the ALE space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for nonlinear convection-diffusion problems in time-dependent domains

Martin BalazovjechMiloslav Feistauer — 2015

Applications of Mathematics

The paper is concerned with the analysis of the space-time discontinuous Galerkin method (STDGM) applied to the numerical solution of the nonstationary nonlinear convection-diffusion initial-boundary value problem in a time-dependent domain formulated with the aid of the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method. In the formulation of the numerical scheme we use the nonsymmetric, symmetric and incomplete versions of the space discretization of diffusion terms and interior and boundary penalty....

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