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Closed-form expression for Hankel determinants of the Narayana polynomials

Marko D. Petković, Paul Barry, Predrag Rajković (2012)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We considered a Hankel transform evaluation of Narayana and shifted Narayana polynomials. Those polynomials arises from Narayana numbers and have many combinatorial properties. A mainly used tool for the evaluation is the method based on orthogonal polynomials. Furthermore, we provided a Hankel transform evaluation of the linear combination of two consecutive shifted Narayana polynomials, using the same method (based on orthogonal polynomials) and previously obtained moment representation of Narayana...

Derived sequences.

Cohen, C.L., Iannucci, D.E. (2003)

Journal of Integer Sequences [electronic only]

Increasing integer sequences and Goldbach's conjecture

Mauro Torelli (2006)

RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications

Increasing integer sequences include many instances of interesting sequences and combinatorial structures, ranging from tournaments to addition chains, from permutations to sequences having the Goldbach property that any integer greater than 1 can be obtained as the sum of two elements in the sequence. The paper introduces and compares several of these classes of sequences, discussing recurrence relations, enumerative problems and questions concerning shortest sequences.

Jumping sequences.

Butler, Steve, Graham, Ron, Zang, Nan (2008)

Journal of Integer Sequences [electronic only]

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