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A fast numerical test of multivariate polynomial positiveness with applications

Petr Augusta, Petra Augustová (2018)


The paper presents a simple method to check a positiveness of symmetric multivariate polynomials on the unit multi-circle. The method is based on the sampling polynomials using the fast Fourier transform. The algorithm is described and its possible applications are proposed. One of the aims of the paper is to show that presented algorithm is significantly faster than commonly used method based on the semi-definite programming expression.

A generalization of the Gauss-Lucas theorem

J. L. Díaz-Barrero, J. J. Egozcue (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Given a set of points in the complex plane, an incomplete polynomial is defined as the one which has these points as zeros except one of them. The classical result known as Gauss-Lucas theorem on the location of zeros of polynomials and their derivatives is extended to convex linear combinations of incomplete polynomials. An integral representation of convex linear combinations of incomplete polynomials is also given.

Bounds of the roots of the real polynomial

Imrich Komara (1987)

Aplikace matematiky

An algorithm for the calculation of a lower bound of the absolute values of the roots of a real algebraic polynomial, of an arbitrary degree, is derived. An example is given to compare the bounds calculated by the method proposed and by other methods.

Comments on the height reducing property

Shigeki Akiyama, Toufik Zaimi (2013)

Open Mathematics

A complex number α is said to satisfy the height reducing property if there is a finite subset, say F, of the ring ℤ of the rational integers such that ℤ[α] = F[α]. This property has been considered by several authors, especially in contexts related to self affine tilings and expansions of real numbers in non-integer bases. We prove that a number satisfying the height reducing property, is an algebraic number whose conjugates, over the field of the rationals, are all of modulus one, or all of modulus...

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