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Construction of p o -groups with quasi-divisors theory

Jiří Močkoř (2000)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

A method is presented making it possible to construct p o -groups with a strong theory of quasi-divisors of finite character and with some prescribed properties as subgroups of restricted Hahn groups H ( Δ , ) , where Δ are finitely atomic root systems. Some examples of these constructions are presented.

Faithfully quadratic rings - a summary of results

M. Dickmann, F. Miraglia (2016)

Banach Center Publications

This is a summary of some of the main results in the monograph Faithfully Ordered Rings (Mem. Amer. Math. Soc. 2015), presented by the first author at the ALANT conference, Będlewo, Poland, June 8-13, 2014. The notions involved and the results are stated in detail, the techniques employed briefly outlined, but proofs are omitted. We focus on those aspects of the cited monograph concerning (diagonal) quadratic forms over preordered rings.

Non-transitive generalizations of subdirect products of linearly ordered rings

Jiří Rachůnek, Dana Šalounová (2003)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Weakly associative lattice rings (wal-rings) are non-transitive generalizations of lattice ordered rings (l-rings). As is known, the class of l-rings which are subdirect products of linearly ordered rings (i.e. the class of f-rings) plays an important role in the theory of l-rings. In the paper, the classes of wal-rings representable as subdirect products of to-rings and ao-rings (both being non-transitive generalizations of the class of f-rings) are characterized and the class of wal-rings having...

On the Pierce-Birkhoff Conjecture for Smooth Affine Surfaces over Real Closed Fields

Sven Wagner (2010)

Annales de la faculté des sciences de Toulouse Mathématiques

We will prove that the Pierce-Birkhoff Conjecture holds for non-singular two-dimensional affine real algebraic varieties over real closed fields, i.e., if W is such a variety, then every piecewise polynomial function on W can be written as suprema of infima of polynomial functions on W . More precisely, we will give a proof of the so-called Connectedness Conjecture for the coordinate rings of such varieties, which implies the Pierce-Birkhoff Conjecture.

Simple zeropotent paramedial groupoids are balanced

Robert El Bashir, Jaroslav Ježek, Tomáš Kepka (2000)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

This short note is a continuation of and and its purpose is to show that every simple zeropotent paramedial groupoid containing at least three elements is strongly balanced in the sense of .

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