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Dualization in algebraic K-theory and the invariant e¹ of quadratic forms over schemes

Marek Szyjewski (2011)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

In the classical Witt theory over a field F, the study of quadratic forms begins with two simple invariants: the dimension of a form modulo 2, called the dimension index and denoted e⁰: W(F) → ℤ/2, and the discriminant e¹ with values in k₁(F) = F*/F*², which behaves well on the fundamental ideal I(F)= ker(e⁰). Here a more sophisticated situation is considered, of quadratic forms over a scheme and, more generally, over an exact category with duality. Our purposes are: ...

The image of the natural homomorphism of Witt rings of orders in a global field

Beata Rothkegel (2013)

Acta Arithmetica

Let R be a Dedekind domain whose field of fractions is a global field. Moreover, let 𝓞 < R be an order. We examine the image of the natural homomorphism φ : W𝓞 → WR of the corresponding Witt rings. We formulate necessary and sufficient conditions for the surjectivity of φ in the case of all nonreal quadratic number fields, all real quadratic number fields K such that -1 is a norm in the extension K/ℚ, and all quadratic function fields.

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