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Generalized hermite polynomials obtained by embeddings of the q-Heisenberg algebra

Joachim Seifert (1997)

Banach Center Publications

Several ways to embed q-deformed versions of the Heisenberg algebra into the classical algebra itself are presented. By combination of those embeddings it becomes possible to transform between q-phase-space and q-oscillator realizations of the q-Heisenberg algebra. Using these embeddings the corresponding Schrödinger equation can be expressed by various difference equations. The solutions for two physically relevant cases are found and expressed as Stieltjes Wigert polynomials.

Internal Symmetries and Additional Quantum Numbers for Nanoparticles

V.G. Yarzhemsky (2013)

Nanoscale Systems: Mathematical Modeling, Theory and Applications

Wavefunctions of symmetrical nanoparticles are considered making use of induced representation method. It is shown that when, at the same total symmetry, the order of local symmetry group decreases, additional quantum numbers are required for complete labelling of electron states. It is shown that the labels of irreducible representations of intermediate subgroups can be used for complete classification of states in the case of repeating IRs in symmetry adapted linear combinations. The intermediate...

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