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A note on the oscillation problems for differential equations with p ( t ) -Laplacian

Kōdai Fujimoto (2023)

Archivum Mathematicum

This paper deals with the oscillation problems on the nonlinear differential equation ( a ( t ) | x ' | p ( t ) - 2 x ' ) ' + b ( t ) | x | λ - 2 x = 0 involving p ( t ) -Laplacian. Sufficient conditions are given under which all proper solutions are oscillatory. In addition, we give a-priori estimates for nonoscillatory solutions and propose an open problem.

A predictive method allowing the use of a single ionic model in numerical cardiac electrophysiology

M. Rioux, Y. Bourgault (2013)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique

One of the current debate about simulating the electrical activity in the heart is the following: Using a realistic anatomical setting, i.e. realistic geometries, fibres orientations, etc., is it enough to use a simplified 2-variable phenomenological model to reproduce the main characteristics of the cardiac action potential propagation, and in what sense is it sufficient? Using a combination of dimensional and asymptotic analysis, together with the well-known Mitchell − Schaeffer model, it is shown...

A simple model of thermoelectric oscillations

Giovanni Cimatti, Eduard Feireisl (1995)

Applications of Mathematics

A system of ordinary differential equations modelling an electric circuit with a thermistor is considered. Qualitative properties of solution are studied, in particular, the existence and nonexistence of time-periodic solutions (the Hopf bifurcation).

Accurate reduction of a model of circadian rhythms by delayed quasi-steady state assumptions

Tomáš Vejchodský (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

Quasi-steady state assumptions are often used to simplify complex systems of ordinary differential equations in the modelling of biochemical processes. The simplified system is designed to have the same qualitative properties as the original system and to have a small number of variables. This enables to use the stability and bifurcation analysis to reveal a deeper structure in the dynamics of the original system. This contribution shows that introducing delays to quasi-steady state assumptions...

Almost-periodic solutions in various metrics of higher-order differential equations with a nonlinear restoring term

Ján Andres, Alberto Maria Bersani, Lenka Radová (2006)

Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica

Almost-periodic solutions in various metrics (Stepanov, Weyl, Besicovitch) of higher-order differential equations with a nonlinear Lipschitz-continuous restoring term are investigated. The main emphasis is focused on a Lipschitz constant which is the same as for uniformly almost-periodic solutions treated in [A1] and much better than those from our investigations for differential systems in [A2], [A3], [AB], [ABL], [AK]. The upper estimates of ε for ε -almost-periods of solutions and their derivatives...

Averaging for ordinary differential equations perturbed by a small parameter

Mustapha Lakrib, Tahar Kherraz, Amel Bourada (2016)

Mathematica Bohemica

In this paper, we prove and discuss averaging results for ordinary differential equations perturbed by a small parameter. The conditions we assume on the right-hand sides of the equations under which our averaging results are stated are more general than those considered in the literature. Indeed, often it is assumed that the right-hand sides of the equations are uniformly bounded and a Lipschitz condition is imposed on them. Sometimes this last condition is relaxed to the uniform continuity in...

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