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A related-key attack on iterated chaotic ciphers

Yang Yang, Chenhui Jin (2008)


In this paper, we present a new type of attack on iterated chaotic ciphers using related keys. Based on the fact that a chaotic sequence is not sensitive to the less significant bits of initial conditions and parameters, a divide- and-conquer attack on iterated chaotic ciphers was presented by us before, which significantly reduces the computing complexity of attacks. However, if the information leaked is significant according to the distribution of the coincidence degrees, a measure for the information...

Adaptive finite-time synchronization of cross-strict feedback hyperchaotic systems with parameter uncertainties

Hai-Yan Li, Yun-An Hu, Rui-Qi Wang (2013)


This paper is concerned with the finite-time synchronization problem for a class of cross-strict feedback underactuated hyperchaotic systems. Using finite-time control and backstepping control approaches, a new robust adaptive synchronization scheme is proposed to make the synchronization errors of the systems with parameter uncertainties zero in a finite time. Appropriate adaptive laws are derived to deal with the unknown parameters of the systems. The proposed method can be applied to a variety...

Chaos in D0 brane dynamics

I. Aref'eva, P. Medvedev, O. Rytchkov, I. Volovich (1998)

Banach Center Publications

We consider the classical and quantum dynamics of D0 branes within the Yang-Mills approximation. Using a simple ansatz we show that a classical trajectory exhibits a chaotic motion. Chaotic dynamics in N=2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory is also discussed.

Chaotic behavior and modified function projective synchronization of a simple system with one stable equilibrium

Zhouchao Wei, Zhen Wang (2013)


By introducing a feedback control to a proposed Sprott E system, an extremely complex chaotic attractor with only one stable equilibrium is derived. The system evolves into periodic and chaotic behaviors by detailed numerical as well as theoretical analysis. Analysis results show that chaos also can be generated via a period-doubling bifurcation when the system has one and only one stable equilibrium. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, the adaptive control law and the parameter update law are derived...

Degenerate Hopf bifurcations and the formation mechanism of chaos in the Qi 3-D four-wing chaotic system

Hongtao Liang, Yanxia Tang, Li Li, Zhouchao Wei, Zhen Wang (2013)


In order to further understand a complex 3-D dynamical system proposed by Qi et al, showing four-wing chaotic attractors with very complicated topological structures over a large range of parameters, we study degenerate Hopf bifurcations in the system. It exhibits the result of a period-doubling cascade to chaos from a Hopf bifurcation point. The theoretical analysis and simulations demonstrate the rich dynamics of the system.

Density of chaotic dynamics in periodically forced pendulum-type equations

Elena Bosetto, Enrico Serra, Susanna Terracini (2001)

Atti della Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturali. Rendiconti Lincei. Matematica e Applicazioni

We announce that a class of problems containing the classical periodically forced pendulum equation displays the main features of chaotic dynamics for a dense set of forcing terms in a space of periodic functions with zero mean value. The approach is based on global variational methods.

Dynamics analysis and robust modified function projective synchronization of Sprott E system with quadratic perturbation

Zhen Wang, Wei Sun, Zhouchao Wei, Xiaojian Xi (2014)


Hopf bifurcation, dynamics at infinity and robust modified function projective synchronization (RMFPS) problem for Sprott E system with quadratic perturbation were studied in this paper. By using the method of projection for center manifold computation, the subcritical and the supercritical Hopf bifurcation were analyzed and obtained. Then, in accordance with the Poincare compactification of polynomial vector field in R 3 , the dynamical behaviors at infinity were described completely. Moreover, a...

Generic measures for geodesic flows on nonpositively curved manifolds

Yves Coudène, Barbara Schapira (2014)

Journal de l’École polytechnique — Mathématiques

We study the generic invariant probability measures for the geodesic flow on connected complete nonpositively curved manifolds. Under a mild technical assumption, we prove that ergodicity is a generic property in the set of probability measures defined on the unit tangent bundle of the manifold and supported by trajectories not bounding a flat strip. This is done by showing that Dirac measures on periodic orbits are dense in that set.In the case of a compact surface, we get the following sharp result:...

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