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Reconstruction of map projection, its inverse and re-projection

Tomáš Bayer, Milada Kočandrlová (2018)

Applications of Mathematics

This paper focuses on the automatic recognition of map projection, its inverse and re-projection. Our analysis leads to the unconstrained optimization solved by the hybrid BFGS nonlinear least squares technique. The objective function is represented by the squared sum of the residuals. For the map re-projection the partial differential equations of the inverse transformation are derived. They can be applied to any map projection. Illustrative examples of the stereographic and globular Nicolosi projections...

Singularly perturbed set of periodic functional-differential equations arising in optimal control theory

Glizer, Valery Y. (2017)

Proceedings of Equadiff 14

We consider the singularly perturbed set of periodic functional-differential matrix Riccati equations, associated with a periodic linear-quadratic optimal control problem for a singularly perturbed delay system. The delay is small of order of a small positive multiplier for a part of the derivatives in the system. A zero-order asymptotic solution to this set of Riccati equations is constructed and justified.

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