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A subelliptic Bourgain–Brezis inequality

Yi Wang, Po-Lam Yung (2014)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We prove an approximation lemma on (stratified) homogeneous groups that allows one to approximate a function in the non-isotropic Sobolev space N L ˙ 1 , Q by L functions, generalizing a result of Bourgain–Brezis. We then use this to obtain a Gagliardo–Nirenberg inequality for on the Heisenberg group n .

Invariant measure for some differential operators and unitarizing measure for the representation of a Lie group. Examples in finite dimension

Hélène Airault, Habib Ouerdiane (2011)

Banach Center Publications

Consider a Lie group with a unitary representation into a space of holomorphic functions defined on a domain 𝓓 of ℂ and in L²(μ), the measure μ being the unitarizing measure of the representation. On finite-dimensional examples, we show that this unitarizing measure is also the invariant measure for some differential operators on 𝓓. We calculate these operators and we develop the concepts of unitarizing measure and invariant measure for an OU operator (differential operator associated to...

Nonexistence Results for Semilinear Equations in Carnot Groups

Fausto Ferrari, Andrea Pinamonti (2013)

Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces

In this paper, following [3], we provide some nonexistence results for semilinear equations in the the class of Carnot groups of type ★.This class, see [20], contains, in particular, all groups of step 2; like the Heisenberg group, and also Carnot groups of arbitrarly large step. Moreover, we prove some nonexistence results for semilinear equations in the Engel group, which is the simplest Carnot group that is not of type ★.

Nonlocal Poincaré inequalities on Lie groups with polynomial volume growth and Riemannian manifolds

Emmanuel Russ, Yannick Sire (2011)

Studia Mathematica

Let G be a real connected Lie group with polynomial volume growth endowed with its Haar measuredx. Given a C² positive bounded integrable function M on G, we give a sufficient condition for an L² Poincaré inequality with respect to the measure M(x)dx to hold on G. We then establish a nonlocal Poincaré inequality on G with respect to M(x)dx. We also give analogous Poincaré inequalities on Riemannian manifolds and deal with the case of Hardy inequalities.

Uniform Gaussian Bounds for Subelliptic Heat Kernels and an Application to the Total Variation Flow of Graphs over Carnot Groups

Luca Capogna, Giovanna Citti, Maria Manfredini (2013)

Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces

In this paper we study heat kernels associated with a Carnot group G, endowed with a family of collapsing left-invariant Riemannian metrics σε which converge in the Gromov- Hausdorff sense to a sub-Riemannian structure on G as ε→ 0. The main new contribution are Gaussian-type bounds on the heat kernel for the σε metrics which are stable as ε→0 and extend the previous time-independent estimates in [16]. As an application we study well posedness of the total variation flow of graph surfaces over a...


Erika Battaglia, Stefano Biagi, Andrea Bonfiglioli (0)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

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