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Automorphisms with exotic orbit growth

Stephan Baier, Sawian Jaidee, Shaun Stevens, Thomas Ward (2013)

Acta Arithmetica

The dynamical Mertens' theorem describes asymptotics for the growth in the number of closed orbits in a dynamical system. We construct families of ergodic automorphisms of fixed entropy on compact connected groups with a continuum of growth rates on two different growth scales. This shows in particular that the space of all ergodic algebraic dynamical systems modulo the equivalence of shared orbit-growth asymptotics is not countable. In contrast, for the equivalence relation of measurable isomorphism...

Equations in simple matrix groups: algebra, geometry, arithmetic, dynamics

Tatiana Bandman, Shelly Garion, Boris Kunyavskiĭ (2014)

Open Mathematics

We present a survey of results on word equations in simple groups, as well as their analogues and generalizations, which were obtained over the past decade using various methods: group-theoretic and coming from algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory, dynamical systems and computer algebra. Our focus is on interrelations of these machineries which led to numerous spectacular achievements, including solutions of several long-standing problems.

On some issues concerning polynomial cycles

Tadeusz Pezda (2013)

Communications in Mathematics

We consider two issues concerning polynomial cycles. Namely, for a discrete valuation domain R of positive characteristic (for N 1 ) or for any Dedekind domain R of positive characteristic (but only for N 2 ), we give a closed formula for a set 𝒞 Y C L ( R , N ) of all possible cycle-lengths for polynomial mappings in R N . Then we give a new property of sets 𝒞 Y C L ( R , 1 ) , which refutes a kind of conjecture posed by W. Narkiewicz.

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