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Dynamique des polynômes quadratiques sur les corps locaux

Robert Benedetto, Jean-Yves Briend, Hervé Perdry (2007)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

Dans cette note, nous montrons que la dynamique d’un polynôme quadratique sur un corps local peut être déterminée en temps fini, et que l’on a l’alternative suivante : soit l’ensemble de Julia est vide, soit P y est conjugué au décalage unilatéral sur 2 symboles.

On the local convergence of Kung-Traub's two-point method and its dynamics

Parandoosh Ataei Delshad, Taher Lotfi (2020)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper, the local convergence analysis of the family of Kung-Traub's two-point method and the convergence ball for this family are obtained and the dynamical behavior on quadratic and cubic polynomials of the resulting family is studied. We use complex dynamic tools to analyze their stability and show that the region of stable members of this family is vast. Numerical examples are also presented in this study. This method is compared with several widely used solution methods by solving test...

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