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A dynamical Shafarevich theorem for twists of rational morphisms

Brian Justin Stout (2014)

Acta Arithmetica

Let K denote a number field, S a finite set of places of K, and ϕ: ℙⁿ → ℙⁿ a rational morphism defined over K. The main result of this paper states that there are only finitely many twists of ϕ defined over K which have good reduction at all places outside S. This answers a question of Silverman in the affirmative.

Newton’s method over global height fields

Xander Faber, Adam Towsley (2014)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

For any field K equipped with a set of pairwise inequivalent absolute values satisfying a product formula, we completely describe the conditions under which Newton’s method applied to a squarefree polynomial f K x will succeed in finding some root of f in the v -adic topology for infinitely many places v of K . Furthermore, we show that if K is a finite extension of the rationals or of the rational function field over a finite field, then the Newton approximation sequence fails to converge v -adically...

Rational periodic points for quadratic maps

Jung Kyu Canci (2010)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

Let K be a number field. Let S be a finite set of places of K containing all the archimedean ones. Let R S be the ring of S -integers of K . In the present paper we consider endomorphisms of 1 of degree 2 , defined over K , with good reduction outside S . We prove that there exist only finitely many such endomorphisms, up to conjugation by PGL 2 ( R S ) , admitting a periodic point in 1 ( K ) of order > 3 . Also, all but finitely many classes with a periodic point in 1 ( K ) of order 3 are parametrized by an irreducible curve.

The arithmetic of curves defined by iteration

Wade Hindes (2015)

Acta Arithmetica

We show how the size of the Galois groups of iterates of a quadratic polynomial f can be parametrized by certain rational points on the curves Cₙ: y² = fⁿ(x) and their quadratic twists (here fⁿ denotes the nth iterate of f). To that end, we study the arithmetic of such curves over global and finite fields, translating key problems in the arithmetic of polynomial iteration into a geometric framework. This point of view has several dynamical applications. For instance, we establish a maximality theorem...

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