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A characterization of weakly sequentially complete Banach lattices

A. W. Wickstead (1976)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

The equivalence of the two following properties is proved for every Banach lattice E :1) E is weakly sequentially complete.2) Every σ ( E * , E ) -Borel measurable linear functional on E is σ ( E * , E ) -continuous.

A Corson compact L-space from a Suslin tree

Peter Nyikos (2015)

Colloquium Mathematicae

The completion of a Suslin tree is shown to be a consistent example of a Corson compact L-space when endowed with the coarse wedge topology. The example has the further properties of being zero-dimensional and monotonically normal.

A note on L-Dunford-Pettis sets in a topological dual Banach space

Abderrahman Retbi (2020)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

The present paper is devoted to some applications of the notion of L-Dunford-Pettis sets to several classes of operators on Banach lattices. More precisely, we establish some characterizations of weak Dunford-Pettis, Dunford-Pettis completely continuous, and weak almost Dunford-Pettis operators. Next, we study the relationships between L-Dunford-Pettis, and Dunford-Pettis (relatively compact) sets in topological dual Banach spaces.

A short proof on lifting of projection properties in Riesz spaces

Marek Wójtowicz (1999)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

Let L be an Archimedean Riesz space with a weak order unit u . A sufficient condition under which Dedekind [ σ -]completeness of the principal ideal A u can be lifted to L is given (Lemma). This yields a concise proof of two theorems of Luxemburg and Zaanen concerning projection properties of C ( X ) -spaces. Similar results are obtained for the Riesz spaces B n ( T ) , n = 1 , 2 , , of all functions of the n th Baire class on a metric space T .

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